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Best Essential Oils for Hair

Best Essential Oils for Hair

Essential oils have endless health benefits and can work wonders on your hair and scalp. Essential oils can help add shine, body, thickness and strength to your hair while improving the health of your scalp. These aromatic oils can easily be added to your existing […]

Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

Best Essential Oil Diffuser 2016 GuideAt a time when the vast majority of beauty and household products are riddled with chemicals and toxins, essential oils are quickly gaining popularity amongst the health conscious public. Purchasing a diffuser is the quickest and easiest way to start […]

Best Aromatherapy Diffuser

Best Aromatherapy Diffuser

With an endless selection of diffusers all claiming to be the best aromatherapy diffuser available it can be difficult deciding which one to buy. Once you start using essential oils you will want to purchase a diffuser. To help make your decision easier we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to purchasing a diffuser and have recommended which ones are the best on the market.


100% All Natural

If you’re still using chemical laden outlet air fresheners or store bought room sprays then you might want to re-think your idea of ‘clean’. These toxic products were intended to mask smells and odors using chemicals that are harmful to the health of you and your family. Becoming mindful of the chemicals we expose our bodies to is the first step towards living a truly healthy lifestyle. One way you can reduce your exposure to chemicals is to replace your scented products with essential oils. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to successfully treat everything from anxiety to infection. Using essential oils in a diffuser as an aromatherapy solution can benefit your entire family.

Purify And Clean The Air In Your Home

Have you ever stepped into a spa and noticed the strong smell of eucalyptus oil? Most spas and steam rooms use this oil because it’s anti-bacterial. Rooms stay cleaner longer with the use of eucalyptus oil. The pleasing and welcoming scent can be easily added to a diffuser to re-create a home spa retreat or to simply help clean the air in your home after cold and flu season. Many other oils can be used to clean the air in your home but make sure the diffuser you are using is of good quality.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Once you own a diffuser you can start experimenting with different scents and aromatherapy recipes or ‘blends’ as they’re often called. A diffuser gives the user more control than a store bought room spray. By simply adding a few drops of essential oil you can change the scent and mood in a room, and keep changing the scent every time you use the diffuser. The ability to change the scents in your room at the drop of an oil is the key to aromatherapy. Feeling tense? Diffuse a few drops of bergamot. Have a headache? Diffuse peppermint and lavender together. The combinations and benefits are endless!


Room Size

When we’re talking about diffusers, size matters. All diffusers on the market will quote the square foot area in which the diffuser will be most beneficial. If you have a large room, for example, a living room or bedroom, make sure the square footage quoted on the diffuser description matches your room size. If a diffuser’s optimal coverage is listed as 100-200 square feet then this diffuser will not work well in a 400 square foot living room. Using the wrong diffuser can weaken the health benefits associated with using essential oils and leave your room nearly scentless.

Nebulizing vs. Ultrasonic Diffusers

Not all diffusers are created equal. There are two superior categories of diffusers on the market, nebulizing and ultrasonic, and selecting one that will work best in your space is a big decision and investment.

Nebulizing Diffusers

Nebulizing diffusers are often the number one choice for aromatherapists because they are so powerful. Nebulizing diffusers do not use water or heat to mist the essential oil into the air. These diffusers work by atomizing the essential oils with the use of an internal pump which then circulates the fragrance of the essential oils into the air. Nebulizers can be made from a variety of materials such as metal, wood, plastic, porcelain and glass.


  • Strongest concentration of essential oils diffused into air.
  • Uses no water.
  • Uses no heat.
  • Built-in timers for run time and rest time (ideal for overnight use).


  • Nebulizers are typically are more expensive than ultrasonic diffusers.
  • Nosier than ultrasonic diffusers because of the pump.
Ultrasonic Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers are similar to nebulizing diffusers but work without the use of a pump. Ultrasonic diffusers use a mix of water and essential oils to create a cool mist that is released into the air. These diffusers are not as strong as nebulizers, however, they are duel purpose because they double as a room humidifier. Ultrasonic diffusers are very popular for home use because they are easy to use and generally cheaper than a nebulizer.


  • Quiet.
  • Uses no heat.
  • Less expensive than nebuilzing diffuser.
  • Doubles as a humidifier.


  • ​Needs to be refilled with water.
  • Not as strong as a nebulizing diffuser


Top 3 Best Nebulizing Diffusers

Best Nebulizer
  1. ​Herb Terra Organics Nebulizer with Nanotechnology. This top of the line professional diffuser is made of the highest quality corrosion resistant Aluminum. The included remote control provides programable working time and work/pause intervals so that it saves energy and controls scent density. This diffuser also has a memory function, so you don't need to repeatedly adjust with each use. 
  2. Raindrop Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser. This powerful diffuser has a sleek design, works great in large spaces (up to 800 square feet) and is equipped with attractive LED mood lighting (right image).
  3. Smiley Daisy Nebulizing Oil Diffuser. This diffuser is compact yet powerful and features a modern metallic exterior. Designed to maximize the use of oil, this diffuser works by using essential oil directly out of the bottle which is attached within the diffuser and can be easily switched out to accommodate different essential oils. 

Top 3 Best Ultrasonic Diffusers

Best Ultrasonic Diffuser
  1. ​Zen Breeze Essential Oil Difuser. Zen Breeze is a powerful diffuser and is beautifully designed with a wood grain base.  This diffuser has an adjustable mist mode, 14 coloured LED lighting controls and doubles as a room humidifier.
  2. Quooz Rockano Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser. This high quality ultrasonic diffuser is whisper quiet and lasts for over 10 hours. Adjustable mist and lighting settings help customize each use while the auto-shut off feature makes this diffuser great for overnight use.
  3. White Orchid Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser. This ultrasonic diffuser is both durable and elegant. The diffuser has a white internal light that shines through the ceramic cover and casts a very soft glow which looks great in bedrooms. Features include auto-shut off and 6 hour run time (above image). 

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7 Most Useful Essential Oils

7 Most Useful Essential Oils

By now you probably know just how awesome and useful essential oils really are. They can be used for pain relief, depression, to prevent infections and treat burns. The possibilities are nearly endless, there really is no better natural remedy to consider.

You probably have a favorite essential oil – for its scent maybe, or for a particular property – it helps you sleep or it helps you breathe easier.

While it’s always good to have a supply of your favorites on hand this list is compiled of the essential oils with the most versatile uses. All of which should be a part of your home collection of essential oils.

1. Lavender

Lavender Bath

This is truly the most well-known “all-purpose” essential oil around due to its many, many wonderful uses. Lavender has antiseptic properties that allow it to work wonders on minor cuts, scrapes or burns – cleaning it of any bacteria and promoting fast and healthy healing.

It is also well known as a great essential oil for those who are suffering from insomnia, anxiety or who are under a lot of stress on a regular basis. The light and refreshing scent working through aromatherapy can relax the mind and body allowing you to get the proper stress free rest.

2. Clove

Another extremely versatile oil is clove oil. It is known best for its health benefits in dental and skin care. It has been used to soothe tooth aches for as long as it has been around. It is also used in skin care due to its ability to reduce the effects of aging.

Clove Essential Oil

Aside from those two popular uses clove oil can also be used to treat infections in bug bites or stings and it can help to boost the immune system. Other health benefits include ear aches and respiratory problems. Through Aromatherapy it can help reduce stress and insomnia.

3. Tea Tree

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Once again an oil that you really need to consider having on hand due to its multitude of uses, Tea Tree oil. This oil is wonderful for having the ability to heal minor skin infections, heal and soothe sunburns, relieve itching and can reduce rashes.

It can also treat acne, help to remove skin tags, cure bad breath, cure athlete’s food and prevent lice. The great uses for this oil don’t stop there – in aromatherapy it can help reduce asthma attacks and provide a calming atmosphere.

4. Chamomile

If you’ve ever drank chamomile tea then you know just how wonderful the calming effects of chamomile can be. This is even more potent in the essential oil which will provide a calming and welcoming atmosphere in any home. It also works great as a sedative if you have trouble sleeping and is an amazing and natural antidepressant.

chamomile essential oil

Aside from the psychological benefits chamomile has many other health benefits include the ability to relieve arthritic pain since it is an anti-inflammatory and it can help aid in digestion too. It can be used for joint aches, tooth aches and migraines – this is truly an amazing oil.

5. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus is probably best known as a way to aid someone with respiratory problems or who has sinusitis, bronchitis and minor colds and flus. It does all this by increasing oxygen cells in the body allowing the individual to breathe easier. It has also been used to reduce fevers, treat burns and reduce muscle aches.

More uses for eucalyptus include being used as an antibiotic for wounds, moisturizing hair and skin as well as being a great odor remover, spot remover and even a natural cleaning spray. Eucalyptus is a very popular and useful oil that you should not miss out on.

6. Lemon

Lemon oil is most often used in cleaning products – both for the fresh lemony scent and for the antimicrobial properties in the oil which make it such a wonderful disinfectant. You can easily use a few drops of this oil to disinfect any surface. It can also be used to relieve coughing, prevent bad breath, improve digestion and nourish the skin.

Lemon Essential Oil

Aside from that people also use lemon essential oil for simple everyday tasks such as washing your laundry. It also make a wonderful and natural teeth whitener, an awesome face wash and improves the immune system. It has even been proven to boost the metabolism and promote healthy weight loss.

7. Peppermint


The last oil on our list is Peppermint oil, which has countless uses as well. It can be used for muscle pain relief and is one of the most beneficial essential oil for those who have Fibromyalgia. It is also a great aid in sinus and respiratory care.

It can also be used for allergy relief, to reduce a fever and to reduce hunger cravings for those who are on a diet! It has also proven to work well in helping those with ADHD to concentrate better and works as a natural energy booster.

Each of these essential oils has many uses and even though some of these uses are pretty common among them all their individual abilities make them excellent to have on hand all the time. You can supply an entire first aid kit with essential oils and blends of oils rather than using potentially harmful over the counter commercial products.

When you are choosing oils to start out with these are definitely the seven you should start with if you want a well-rounded supply. Each of these have properties that you are sure to find useful – even having 3-4 of these oils will supply you with a little something for almost any situation.